Sunday, April 15, 2007

Daniel Lopez Munoz (part 1) INTRODUCTION.

The first time I met Daniel Lopez Munoz (thank to our incontrovertible famous Master Dice who personaly knows all the genius, including him, on earth) we obviously talked about animation industry in Europe, (Daniel was born in Spain) what both of us expected from the spanish movie "Nocturna" and other things about creativity process. We didn't know at this time we would share the Sketchtravel Sketchbook with Enrique Fernandez (artistic director on Nocturna, coming soon in the sketchbook). I already knew Daniel artworks thank to the "The Art of Robots" and it was a great pleasure, despite the fact I am not fluent in english or spanish to talk with him about art and life. I was aware of being in presence of a special and rare artist without bad ego. Five months after this meeting, Daniel quited Bluesky...and went to Pixar. Then Daniel showed us his comic autor side with the brillant "Silent Echoes", honored by the Society of Illustrators, in the indispensable Out of Picture collective comics book. Nothing can't stop his exponential imagination.You can measure the talent of Daniel by visiting his awesome Blog and... seeing what he is capable of creating for SKETCHTRAVEL by reading the next articles. Daniel is a genious, No dout about it.