Friday, February 02, 2007

Sang Jun Lee DID IT !

Sang Jun Lee has just send me a picture of the sketch he did in the luckiest Sketchbook in the world. I aware this is a great privilege, Sang Jun is currently completely swamped with work. Sang Jun Lee is one of the concept artists and character designers behind "Pirates of the Caribean", "HULK", "Star Wars 3", "Men in Black 2" and the next big Bluesky Studios movie : "Hortons". In his contribution, Sang Jun Lee invits us surfing in the clouds with many people and animals, expressing himself in a new style, very different comparing to what we can see in his personal website. This is another
characteristic value of the sketchbook : that challenge allows everything
and it's very important each artist feels free to try out different styles. That challenge allows everything. The editorial policy is : absolute freedom and fun. That what ART should already be, isn't it ? Discover his drawing on the Exclusive section