Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daniel, Peter and Dice (The Great, The God and The Master)

So...the question is : Where is the Sketchbook right now ?
The picture shows the incontrovertible Daisuke "Dice"Tsutsumi, Master of light, handing it off to the Great Daniel Lopez Munoz (currently at Pixar). But you see "God" Peter De Sève underneath desperately asking for it (follow the red arrow). The story behind it is Peter de Sève had the
book for almost 3 weeks. He promised to finish so many times... but never had time to do it (crazy schedule, dead line, rush hours). It's not a question of motivation at all because Peter de Sève was one of the first Famous artist wanting to take up the challenge. And he is definitely a sketchbook addict. His incredible career speaks for him (actually I admit I am not very objective, I am a huge fan for a decade and consider him as THE best illustrator ever)
.So Master Dice took the sketchbook away from him because we had to bring the book to San Francisco. Of course, the book is coming back to New-York later because there are a bunch
in NY still who haven't done it yet (Peter will be back for the best, amazing travel). So that's the funny story behind it.
I am dying to see what Daniel is going to create. Visit his very nice blog where you will find astonishing drawings. A pen in his hand becomes a dancer.