Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OSCARS, They have been nominated !

What would be the link between the Sketchbook and the Oscars ? Well, this year, many artists invited to the Sketchtravel challenge will probably watch attentively the 79TH Annual academy Awards. Especially Chris Appelhansbecause he did an amazing work on Monster House, Enrico Casarosa and Daniel Lopez Munoz because they work at Pixar and "Cars" is also nominated and of course Michael Knapp who was the artistic director on this excellent short : " No time for nuts"at Bluesky Studios. Some of his awesome colleagues will be nervous too : the famous Scrat creator : Peter de Sève, The talented Story Boarder Nash Dunnigan and one of the funniest workaholic artist : Vincent NGuyen.
My many huge talents you'll find in ONE sketchbook, such a pressure...and we just have officially announced 28 artists on 50...