Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mike Knapp : The Hand-Off

That's official ! the sketchbook is becoming the "THEME" of the...sketchbook itself. And for the best ! I have already told you in previous posts how much I love the Michael Knapp unique style. And I am never disappointed by any of his illustrations or sketches. NEVER. Simply because Mike 's personal demand is always over the audience's expectations. As you can see on his artistic contribution in the Sketchbook exclusive section it's a perfect disposition between the form and the content. Mike is not only the great designer behind "Robots","Ice Age 2" , the artistic director of the short nominated at the Oscars : "No time for Nuts" , not only the comic autor in the Out Of Picture collective, not only the webdesigner of Out Of Picture, not only an Apple addicted, not only the most phlegmatic illustrator I know he is, for me, one of the best illustrator ever and I do hope I will buy some days soon a New-Yorker cover drawn by him.
Perfect transition to announce you he gaves the holy Sketchbook to GOD himself, The Master of the Masters. Ladies and gentlemen : Mister Peter de Sève.
Brace yourself.