Friday, January 19, 2007

HELPED REQUIRED for the most efficient "good Domino effect ."

A special post today, illustrated by the recent very pertinent "Times" cover. I want to thank all internet users who keep talking about everywhere on forums, blogs, e-mails, associations, meetings, etc. Our charity project was just a dream last september and step by step, thank to amazing devotions by THE 50 GREAT ARTISTS (see the list) and thank to,, the Arludik team, Benjamin Desmet, Blogger, Sofinotsofar, the incontrovertible Ambassador Daisuke Tsutsumi and YOU, who are currently reading this note, more and more people aware inch by inch this sketchbook can go very far ! We are not a big company but a motivated group of artists (protected by devoted international Atorney at law...yes, we are not so naives) who truely believe
that with the help of a supporting audience who love visual arts, illustration, comics and animation, we can bring a very special and rare book to all bookstores worldwide in 2008. May be some cynic people will think this post is vapid and demagogic but sometimes, it's good to simply remember that nothing is possible without your devoted neighbour, whatever the size of this hurt planet.
Keep informing all medias about SKETCHTRAVEL, keep posting comments and supporting our artists, share this link, I haven't any press agent...oh sorry, I mean, YOU are my press agent. Let's shake the web, unknown worlwide users ! Who do we run for ? for the beauty of art ! for a kind of possible Babel book, and most of all, for charity associations (apparently it will be UNICEF). This journey is only starting, this sketchbook adventure is still in progress.. Thank you very much for your support and forgive me for not being able to answer personaly to all e-mails. Don't give up, today, more than ever, we still need YOU !