Monday, December 04, 2006

Enrico Casarosa !

Enrico Casarosa just confirmed me a few minutes ago he will be part of the sketchbook soon ! Enrico Casarosa is a storyboard artist living in San Francisco (that means the sketchbook will go back to SF) :-), working in Animation by day, publishing artbooks and comics by night. Forever stuck between the gravitational pulls of Italy (his home country) and Japan (a cultural passion). He has been in the animation industry for nine years drawing storyboards that fit into large animated feature films. Currently a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios he continues his quest to create more hours in the day by drawing alternate realities. Sooner or later his experiments will break through and we’ll all have to buy new watches. Meantime he is putting together his next art show “3 trees make a forest” with partners in crime Ronnie del Carmen and Tadahiro Uesugi. Other times he pursues his muse by traveling with his watercolors and sketchbooks. Enrico is also the founder of “SketchCrawl”, a world wide sketching marathon event.
Visit his labyrinthine and immeasurable website he also sent me this funny picture of him !