Saturday, December 16, 2006

Andrea Blasich met Nash Dunnigan

I know what you are going to say...what's happening with the sketchbook ? It arrived in New-York a few days ago with Andrea Blasich and Robert Mackenzie has already painted in it but we did'nt see any pictures of the exchange. And today I post some pictures about Andrea giving the sketchbook not to...Robert but to...Nash Dunnigan...Well, the thing is Andrea Blasich who is a member of the Out of picture collective has met Nash first at the Society of Illustrators where one of his masterpiece was exhibited. But because of a crazy schedule Nash quickly gave the sketchbook to Robert and I don't have the pictures yet :-)Anyway, whatever the order, be sure amazing artists are currently express their art. This lucky sketchbook is jumping from a genius to another between bluesky studios buddies.