Monday, November 20, 2006

Meanwhile in Paris, with Pierre Alary

Waiting for the return of the holy sketchbook, I visited Pierre Alary's Studio yesterday evening. Pierre didn't draw in the sketchbook yet but be sure that he's dying to bring his french touch in it as soon as possible. He showed me his incredible personal bookcase (at this level I call that a library). Specialists will recognize easily the "christmas carol" children book by Carter Goodrich and personaly signed by the illustrator (one of the most talented genious on earth) in the picture. He shares his place with some funny sculptures and original comics pages offered by his friends (Guarnido,Marini...) Pierre is living in the east of Paris and has the privilege to get a wonderful overview of the city of light (11th floor). He's currently working on the 3th album of Belladone. Visit his blog at, waiting for his contribution in the sketchbook. He signed one copy for me and I can confirm the way he draws is simply amazing :fast, elegant and dynamic with a watercolour subtle touch. It's christmas soon, and if you don't know what offering to your family and friends, I highly recommend "Belladone".